They say that the clothes you wear can detemine the way you feel, and Star Fashion takes that to a new level, Star fashion believes that with good clothes you will feel good.  You will be confident in everything you do, and with that you will succed.That's way, with Star Fashion you can be dresses for the best.

We, Star Fashion, also know that it is very important that our cutomers receive real value for their money. We always strive hard to give our customers the satisfaction they need.

Come in, to Star Fashion, and choose from a large variety of high-quality fabrics for your shirts and suits.

Star fashion tailor Shop in bangkok, thailand, customized clothing designed by you and fit for you.

Every Suit or Dress from Star fashion  Tailors are measured and designed personally by Star fashion Over the years, fashion changed from flowing garments to molding the cloth to fit the body. In addition, fashion has come to mean not just following the dictates of the seller, but instead providing the most flattering styles that make you look your best in quality fabric.  Star fashion's creation is one of the finest custom tailors of Thailand. Established in March, 1998, we are one of the most respected names in men's suit, womenís clothing, identified with superior fabrics and meticulous and meticulous hand tailoring at affordable prices.

The Tailored Experience

When you consider the design of clothing as an art you donít take details lightly. That is why the quality of every Starfashion's Creations suit or dress  reflects a passionate attention to detail. From perfectly matched patterns matched patterns, to well proportioned and fitted linings, to the finest trimmings available. No detail is overlooked. Professional advice suited to your life style will be given.


Precise measurements are taken to assure for your proper personal fit regardless of fabric or style. All garments will be individually hand-cut, expertly tailored and hand finished by skilled craftswomen to your personal specifications.


Approximately 6 to 8 weeks from the date your order is placed. If you require garments sooner, we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Affordable EAlteration

In the unlikely event that your new garment needs alteration, we ask that a local tailor make the adjustments, then send us the bill. It is important that you inform us what the exact alteration was, so that we may correct your file for future orders.

Designed and Tailored Clothing

Offer the finest tailored clothes for women:
- Every suit is individually hand-cut, an art we still value.
- Each suit is carefully checked by our master tailors, to maintain our high standards.
- All button-holes are hand-sewn with the finest silk thread, a keynote of quality workmanship.
- Each suit is cut on individual paper patterns, based on 35 of your exact measurements.
- All seams are reinforced for maximum durability.
Your physical appearance is an important key to success and a well made custom suit or dress by Socheat Kulab Tailor will give you that confidence.

Now is the time for you to look at our Gallery and send us an email to reserve your personal time for Star fashion to introduce you to the economical, luxurious world of your own custom-tailored clothing.

We offer personalized attention to all of our customers.
Every dress is cut and tailored to specific measurements to give "That Perfect Fit"
The dress will reflect who are you?

We have been in the tailoring business for more than two decades. Our primary goal is quality service for customersí at the most reasonable prices. We have a highly skilled IT support team to take care of all your needs With 20 years of experience, we have detailed know-how of all body types. Patterns for all customers are retained in the system for any re-orders in the future. Our customers can choose their fabrics over a wide variety of swatches within the website. We have specialized Quality Control (QC) for each item produced, to ensure full satisfaction. Your order will reach you within 4-6 weeks from the time of order confirmation.

We have corporate rules of our own:
- No forced labour
- No discrimination
- No child labour
- A salary that covers basic family needs
- No excessive overtime
- Healthy and safe working environment

Sales is our profession and our mission, not just some job that involves tricks and artificial communication skills. It is all about who we are as a person and what we have to offer to others.
SINCE 1992